For those of you who wish to celebrate from home, Cake Week has created an e-book: Piece of Cake in partnership with FoodCycle.

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FoodCycle is an organisation which connects communities by bringing people together to share food and conversation, working with thousands of volunteers across the country to transform surplus food into healthy, delicious meals for anyone that needs them.

The e-book is on sale on the Payhip platform for £3, with all profits going to FoodCycle. Recipes in the E-book have been shared from some of the baking industry’s biggest talents and brands, including Bake Off The Professionals' Keiron George, Rosemary Shrager, Bonne Maman, Juliet Sear, Silver Spoon, Neilsen-Massey, Luminary Bakery and Lola’s Cupcakes.

About FoodCycle

Vision: To make food poverty, loneliness and food waste a thing of the past for every community.

Mission: Week in, week out FoodCycle nourishes the hungry and lonely in our communities with delicious meals and great conversation, using food which would otherwise go to waste.

FoodCycle’s core aims are to:

  • - Connect communities: Help strengthen and build resilient communities by bringing people together to share healthy, delicious meals.
  • - Support mental health and wellbeing: Enhance the health and mental wellbeing of all by creating welcoming spaces for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to have conversations together.
  • - Nourish the hungry: Improve nutrition and reduce hunger by cooking healthy meals for those in need, leading to improved food knowledge and changes in behaviour.
  • - Promote sustainability: Change attitudes to food and society’s impact on the environment by cooking with surplus ingredients.
  • - Inspire change: Share the virtues of our community dining model and the voices of guests to gain greater support and speed of expansion, enabling them to help more people and more communities.

The Cake Week: Piece of Cake cookbook to buy now.

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